Julian Camping Pre-History

This is a page dedicated to document and archive the camping trips my family took when I was a kid. Please bear with me, this page is rough draft and under construction. Eventually I hope to have images here also.


This was my family’s first camping trip ever. This was 4 years before I was born, and the oldest of my siblings was only 8, so memories are dim. However, what we recall is we camped on private property, and the son of one of my dad’s coworkers fell into the campfire and was burned.


We camped at Dillon State Park in Marshport, possibly on Memorial Day weekend. There are memories of thousands of cicadas, of my Uncle Bob and a spider hole.


This was the first trip to Muskellonge Lake in Deer Park, Michigan. They drove the 1960 2-door Chevy wagon and had a flat tire. They stayed in a cabin on the lake. We have 8mm home movies of this trip.

muskallonge_lake_map Chevrolet-1960-2-door-wagon


We took a trip to Washington, D.C. and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is remembered that we camped, but the details are vague as to where and how.


Second Michigan trip. Went to Interlocken. This is where I dropped my matchbox car into the water while in the rowboat.


First Florida trip. We drove the 1968 VW bus. We stopped in Gatlinburg, TN. Went to the Gulf of Mexico. Visited Busch Gardens, Tampa. Drove over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We have home movies of this also. We pulled a utility trailer and tent camped.



Florida, Key West. 1972 Plymouth Station Wagon. Rented Pop-Up, I fall out. Flagler Beach, Daytona Beach. We have home movies of this too, I think.



Florida, Disney World. 72 Wagon and tent.

Fishing for catfish with bread balls at DisneyWorld campgrounds.
Fishing for catfish with bread balls at DisneyWorld campgrounds.


Camped out west for 3 weeks in June in a 1972 Pace Arrow class A motorhome, a photo of one such is at the top. Grandma Vogel came along. I know we have lots of pictures of this – Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, etc.

Salt Lake
Mom at painted rocks.
Mom with the 1972 Pace Arrow motorhome.
Me in the overhead fold-down bunk. That is the back of Grandma Vogel’s head, I think.
Jen and Me at Flintstone’s Bedrock City, which is in Williams, Arizona; according to the internet.
Salt Lake.
Deb, Lisa, Jen, Me, Mom and Kim at the painted desert?
Deb, Kim, Jen, Kathy and me at the painted rocks. A million stairs.
Dad at the painted rocks, rockin’ those shades and a white t-shirt. Stylin’!
Dad driving the Pace Arrow. Rainbow over Colorado? Kansas?


Michigan. 1974 Plymouth Van. I caught the big Pike. Kim & Debbie came later? Tent camped in the Ted Williams tent. Muskellonge State Park. A fire ring rock cracks open from the heat and I find a triobyte fossil.

download (1) AF13_r571_01


Muskellonge. Debbie, Diane Clever, Kathy & Jen tent camped. Dad cut-up my train board and built them a car-top carrier.


Dad and I tent camped at Muskellonge in August before I shipped out for the army.

Lake Superior
Me at the campsite, rockin’ the cutoff shorty-shorts.
Dad at our campsite. The ducks would swim up and walk right into the tent and quack loudly until you fed them.
Me feeding the chipmunks.
Me at the tiller of the rowboat.

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