Campsite Reviews


Streetsboro KOA: B+

We stayed in site #505 which was great, very roomy. The staff was extremely nice and friendly, they let us set up Nathaniel’s tent on our site even though it is typically not allowed. The pool is awesome! The camp store was kind of small, the dock in the fishing lake is rickety. Nice game room. Bath/shower houses ok. Nicely wooded, friendly seasonals. We would go back.


Alum Creek State Park: Grade B

We really liked Alum Creek. The sites are very wooded and private. Our site, in yellow above, backed up to a nice pond. The many loops had trails between them for nice nature walks. Like all Ohio state parks, the sites are electric only, but we will defintely go back.


Seneca Lake Marina Point campground: Grade: C

We have stayed at Seneca Lake Marina Point Campground twice, in August 2010 and August 2014. The first time we tent camped on site #65, and last year we group camped on sites #27, #29 and #31.

The sites are very wooded in the northern half of the campground, less so as you get towards the southern end of the peninsula. The campground is very difficult to find and has no physical address. It is easily confused with another Seneca Lake campground on the west side of the lake.

Most of the campground, as you can see from the greyed-out sites on the site map, is taken up by seasonal campers. Most of these sites are nice, although there are more than a handful that have been let go a little and look run-down. None of the sites are full-hookup, and the water stations are few and far between. The restrooms are ok, clean and functional, nothing special.

The real reason to camp here is the lake – boating specifically. My sister Deb and her husband keep their pontoon boat moored at their private dock, and both times we visited we spent most of the day on the boat. There is little else to do in the area. There is a little cluster of stores and mom-and-pop restaurants when you get off I-77 in Buffalo, and there is a golf course reasonably near I am told. There is a restaurant in the marina which I have never been to, but have heard mixed reviews of.

Overall, it is peaceful and quiet and clean. A little hard to find, but too far for us to drive to unless we want to spend time on the lake.


Deer Creek State Park Campground: Grade B-

Deer Creek is an amazing campground. It is close to Columbus, and there is so much to do! There is a lodge, golf course, shooting range, bridle trails, ATV trails, boating, cabins to rent, camper camping and primitive camping. They have some open field camping, and there are some heavily wooded sites. It basically has everything everyone could want, EXCEPT because it is a state park, the sites are electric only. The lack of at least water hookups drive down the grade for me.


Buck Creek State Park: Grade C-

Buck Creek is a nice state park with a very small camp ground on a peninsula that juts out into the reservoir. One amazing thing is that they have primitive campsites right on the beach! We were there in October so it was too windy and cold to be on the beach, which is the real reason to come here. There is not much else to do very close. When we were there we made a short drive over to Interstate 70. There were 2 huge indoor flea markets there, plus there was a flea market going on in a building at the fairgrounds. We also stopped at a used furniture store. A nice quiet place to camp, but nothing special.


Delaware State Park: Grade C

Delaware State park has a huge campground, very spread out. They have a beach, a marina, a nice picnic area, and a shooting range. They are close to Delaware so there are things to do and places to eat nearby. The campsites, as all state parks, are electric only. The bathroom/shower houses are not great. We were there in April and it was cold, and the buildings had huge open screens and no doors. It was COLD in there, and there was almost no hot water. There are some wooded sites, the playgrounds are pathetic. The whole place just looks like it really needs to be freshened up and have some money put into it.

Butler Site Map

Butler/Mohican KOA: Grade B

Very nice staff, nicely maintained. A little hard to find. Very nicely wooded. Good fishing pond. Small camp store. When we were there they had kid crafts, fire engine rides, a hot breakfast sunday morning. The staff even drove with us to our campsite and helped guide us in. We will definitely return!


Cross Creek: Grade B-

Very nicely maintained, friendly staff. Tons for the kids to do, nice pool. The nicest seasonal sites I have seen with brick patios, decks, fire pits, lights, awnings, etc. Also, the most generous bundles of firewood for sale that I have seen. The only downside is all of the best sites are taken by seasonals, leaving all of the rentable sites way in the back or on the perimeter, far away from the action of the pool/office/showers, etc. We will go back again, however.


Tree Haven: Grade C+

A family owned campground. Very wooded lots. Small office and facilities. Cash only. Not much for the kids to do. An ok place, very peaceful and quiet. Would return, but not a great place for kids.


Lazy River: Grade C+

A nice campground. Beautiful view/sound of the river. Game room, pool, camp store, pizza delivered to your site. Friendly staff, help guiding you to and into your site. Showers were not great, very tiny, like a phone booth. They had nice kid crafts, putt-putt, etc. The real downside for us was like Cross Creek, all the best sites were reserved for the seasonals, and the only rentable sites were far in the back, away from where the kids wanted to spend all of their time. A little out of the way, although not hard to find. We would camp there again if we wanted to camp in the area.


Autumn Lakes: Grade A

This is one of our favorite campgrounds. They have: a petting zoo, a pet area, pool, playground, kid’s “hangout” cabin, nice showers, free canoes/kayaks, bikes for rent, gem mining, a day spa, home-made fudge, a small camp store. They have a private fireworks show on 4th of July weekend. The seasonals and the rentable sites are separated. The sites are full-hookup and very nice. Twice we camped in site “Z” and were able to fish right from the campsite. Clean, well-maintained, friendly staff, and they remember you when you return. Can’t recommend highly enough. Fire engine rides, too!


Dogwood Valley Jellystone: Grade A

Our other favorite campsite. Part of the Jellystone chain. Extremely clean and well-maintained. Heavily wooded, absolutely beautiful property. A nice camp store that is really more of a souvenir store, two heated pools, canoe/kayak rentals, gold cart rentals, full hookup sites, very nice restrooms/showers. The highlight of the campground is the lake and water slides. The slides are hundreds of feet long, built into a hillside. Our kids spent the whole day on the slides and inflatable water raft/fort thingy. Can’t wait to go back. If we ever seasonally camp, this is a very likely candidate.

Delaware County Fairgrounds: Grade C

Not really fair to count this. We boondock camped all week during the fair. Open field, no services at all, but you camp here for quick, convenient access to the fair. There are a few sites with electric, those would be nice.

S:200528plans5-028-color-D overall (3) (1)

Cardinal Campgrounds: Grade A-

The BEST restrooms/showers ever! Indoor heated pool, nice lake/banquet facility. DJ, trap-shooting range, tiny camp store. Very nice campground. The only downside to me is we haven’t found “our” site yet, but we are going back!


This is a list of campgrounds that we have visited and driven through, but not stayed at, so the grades are very superficial.


A & E Campground, Bellefontaine: Grade C

Nice family-run campground. EXTREMELY hilly. Except for a few sites in the front, I would NOT be confident hauling our camper through the hills. A very nice property with a lot of potential and very nice staff.

Hickory Lake Campground, Ashland: Grade C-

Small family-run campground. Ok sites, sub-standard restrooms/showers. Would camp there if we were in the area, would not make a special trip.

Raymond House Campground, Raymond: Grade D-

Frustrating, because it is fairly close to our house and on a beautiful piece of property, but it is poorly maintained, the staff is almost non-existent, the restroom facilities are disgusting, and there are dozens of extremely run-down seasonals. This campground has SO MUCH potential, I sincerely hope somebody buys it and puts some money in it.

Willow Lake Campground, Brunswick: Grade D-

A very nice central lake, surrounded by hundreds of extremely run-down campers with horrible plywood shacks nailed on, 95% seasonal campers that look like they have all been there for 30+ years. More of a trailer park than campground. Unfriendly staff.

Zane Shawnee Campgrounds, Bellefontaine: Grade F

Again, this property has potential. It is very large and has a lot of infrastructure. It looks like it was a good campground in the 1970s, then emptied out and left to rot for 30 years. There is a natural cavern on the property, run by a native american tribe. There is no campsite infrastructure to speak of, not even gravel pads. There are half-a-dozen ancient campers scattered around, along with tons of trash. It would be nice to see someone try to make a go of this place, but they would need to pour a LOT of money in it.

White Sands Campground, Delaware: Grade F

Again, this is fairly close to our house. Apparently this was a popular place for swimming in the 80s. This campground is 99% filled with 30+ year old campers that are so run-down and overgrown they are becoming part of the landscape. I saw only two rentable spots, both of which had only electric and were so short my camper would never fit. Unfriendly locals, extremely run-down facilities. Everything about this place screams GET OUT!


Back 40 Campground, Rushsylvania: Grade B

Nice. We may camp here soon. Well kept, friendly people.

Oak Crest Campground, Bellefontaine: Grade C-

Very small campground literally in someone’s backyard. Maybe two dozen sites. Not very wooded. Barely there facilites. Would feel safe camping there, but not much to see or do, and from any point in the campground you can see every other campsite. Would not stay here.


Ohio State Eagles Campground, Bellefontaine: Grade D

Nice property run by the Eagles organization. Friendly staff. 75% of the facility are seasonal campers that all look like they got there in the 70s and 80s. It seems like a tight-knit community of people who all know each other. The rentable sites are not good. It has a nice lake and some nice trees. The seasonal sites are right on top of each other. It looks like it would be a nice place to seasonally camp if you knew everyone and were part of the community, but not very welcoming to newcomers. There were several campers/campsites for sale, but we didn’t even consider it. Never even stopped the car moving. Don’t want to make this place out worse than it was, it was just not for us.


Hickory Grove Lake Campground: Grade C+

Hickory Grove Lake is a family run campground. At first we were disappointed in our site (C24) as we were told it was highly prized because it was “shady”. It was basically open-field camping on that side of the campground, except our site was in-between two half-dead trees. However, once we got set up we grew to like the place. We were right next to the playground, which was great for Haley, and close to the beach. Nathaniel enjoyed kayaking, and $2 for an hour was reasonable. The bathrooms were serviceable, although there were no latches on the stall doors! Julia and I each had problems with getting a consistent water temp in the showers. It had a nice game room and shelter house, but on the downside the sites had not had fresh gravel in a LONG time, and their firewood “bundles” were four or five pieces duct-taped together. Didn’t even bother to ask the price of those. The lake was absolutely gorgeous, and I have never seen so many HUGE shag-bark Hickory trees. All in all, we would return. There are four PRIME spots that we would use next time – H12-H15.

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