First year seasonal camping 2017 Part 1

We were so excited to get started we showed up in early April a few days before they were technically open and they really weren’t quite ready for us. The ground was still soft and when I was jockeying the camper back and forth I got the truck stuck!


Fortunately the owner used his bobcat to get us positioned and pulled me out. That weekend Haley and I came out and camped for the first time, Julia was still finishing up tax season. Our site was completely covered about 6-8″ deep in fall leaves. We spent weeks raking and burning them until they were all gone.

Soon we began to do a little landscaping and improving the site.

Every time we camped we worked on improving the site – we cleaned up downed branches and Nathaniel and I chopped, sawed or broke them into small enough lengths that we could burn. The picnic table was kind-of falling apart, so one weekend I brought out some lumber and tools and fixed it up. The owner would have done that for us but I enjoyed it. There was also a small pile of trash the previous site owners had left that we cleaned up. They had discarded some perfectly good glass-and-iron tiki torches and some solar garden lights that I cleaned up and got working.

We finally got a chance to use the new campfire grill that I got Julia for Christmas, and we ate like kings every weekend.

One of the things we like so much about this campground is how much stuff there is to do. Every weekend there are movies on Friday night and crafts saturday afternoon. There is a slip-N-slide and bouncy house, there is a pool and a petting zoo. Fishing, canoeing and paddle boats, a private fireworks display every fourth of July.

One of my favorite things about seasonally camping is how you can just head up on a random weeknight. The camper is actually a shorter drive from our jobs than our house. All you had to do was grab a change of clothes and you could take a mini-vacation anytime. One of those times I went to leave and managed to get my van stuck in the ditch!


Our other favorite thing is getting to know people. We were very fortunate and had some good neighbors. Our next door neighbor is Dave and always managed to show up at dinner time! Seriously, he was a nice guy and we enjoyed having him over. Our neighbors across from us Doug and Mandy had a son Nathaniel’s age and a younger son and they all spent a lot of time together. When Mandy marched over and introduced herself and offered me a beer, we knew we had hit the neighbor lottery!

There were a few other couples on our loop we got to know, all nice folks, but strangley most of the campers on our loop were rarely used – the owners came out on major holiday weekends only, two or three weekends. The rest of the time our loop was very quiet.

One thing that surprised me about seasonal camping back in the woods – I loved the privacy and the trees, but I was surprised I missed the people-watching and the action closer to the office & pool.

By the time Memorial Day weekend rolled around, the trees were finally fully leaved out, all of the campsites were finally open, the pool was open and we had really settled in and made our site feel more like our own. We camped every weekend but one and several weekdays also. The kids got out of school and we looked forward to a summer full of camping!

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Julia and I both camped as kids and wanted our kids to have the same fun experiences. We have a son Nathaniel and a daughter Haley. We live in Marysville, Ohio.

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