First camping trip in the new camper.


So in late April we camped at Cardinal with our friends Mike and Betty. We wanted to camp somewhere close the first time out, and Mike taught me most of what I know about campers so I wanted friendly support as I learned the ropes of the new rig.

Just sitting and watching the fire is maybe my favorite thing to do camping.

The nights were a little chilly, as you would expect for April in Ohio, but we lucked into great weather. Saturday it was actually hot! We also found a huge pile of split seasoned hardwood that someone left behind, so we burned that all weekend and saved our own. Bonus!


Friday night Mike and I were tired and turned in early, but Saturday we had a long, lazy day of gorgeous weather. Mike and Betty brought their new puppy Raven. Sunday we four walked up to Farmstead for a great if expensive breakfast, then the girls all went to a craft show that was being held at the campground. We got home early and all in all had a very smooth experience.

Except for one thing. We couldn’t find the hot water tank bypass valve, so for friday night and saturday morning we had no hot water. Finally Mike found it:

You see the hot water tank bypass valve, don’t you? No?
How about now? Still no?


Oh yeah. You need to remove two screws and a false panel to see it. Obvious, right? And there is NOTHING about it in the owner’s manual!

So now I have modified that panel so it is easier to get to. Good news is we finally got hot water. But, geesh!

So our first trip went well, next we were ready to try it on our own!

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Julia and I both camped as kids and wanted our kids to have the same fun experiences. We have a son Nathaniel and a daughter Haley. We live in Marysville, Ohio.

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