Five days of fun in the sun


Our other favorite campground is Dogwood Valley Jellystone. Jellystone is a National chain, like KOA. We camped there in 2014 and were amazed at how clean and well kept the park is. It is more like a resort. Next year we hope to seasonally camp, and it will either be at Autumn Lakes or here.

We camped for five days, which was a first for us and amazing. However, the trip started off bumpy. When we got there and hooked up, we lost power after a few minutes. The breakers in the camper and at the pillar were good. Our electrical plug had been falling apart for some time. Our camper was 35 years old, and instead of a molded plug like modern campers, this one was screwed together of several pieces of brittle plastic. I took it apart and it needed rewired. I wasn’t planning on having to do this in the field, but I pressed on. I got it done, and STILL no power. So I decided to replace the plug.

Here is where the adventure started. The camp store was large but mostly full of overpriced souvenirs and didn’t have it. So we drove into town (Mount Gilead) and checked at the mom and pop hardware store. No dice. No camping stuff at all, which I found a little surprising that close to a major campground.

So we asked around and were referred to a mom and pop RV dealership way out in the sticks. So glad we found this place, they had everything we could need. Got the plug and met the husband and wife owners who were great. Got back to the campground and fixed the plug.

STILL no power. At this point I was sure it was NOT our camper so I called down to the office. They sent out a guy on a Gator, and it turns out our bad plug tripped a breaker on a pole (a tree, really) down the road about 150′ from our campsite and about 10 feet in the air. I never would have found that.

This was August so all of this happened on our first set-up day in 90+ degree heat so when we were done 3 hours later I was pretty pooped! We also had a nice feature we had never had before at our campsite – cable TV!

Our dinette during the day converts to my bed at night, with TV!

I knew they had cable so I brought a length of coax but it was not long enough. I bought more coax in the camp store, but it wasn’t long enough either, and they didn’t sell connectors so you could join two lengths together (what we AV professionals call RF or Coax “barrels” or female-female couplers, which sounds dirty but isn’t!) So this caused another run into town.

Mount Gilead is a quaint little town. I like it a lot. The local Radio Shack is housed inside a combination drug store/ice cream shop. I had to dig DEEP in the drawers of connectors and finally found ONE coax barrel. Voila! Cable TV!

The rest of the trip went great. The kids played on the water slides, beach or pool all day. Nathaniel went canoeing and used the gym. On Sunday, Julia’s sister and her family came out and we all spent the day at the beach in the water.

It was on this trip that we started using our recycle containers. I always felt bad enjoying the outdoors and then throwing all the cans and bottles in the trash. No more!
I always seem to take lots of pictures of trees and leaves when I camp!

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Julia and I both camped as kids and wanted our kids to have the same fun experiences. We have a son Nathaniel and a daughter Haley. We live in Marysville, Ohio.

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